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NFL DFS Strategy: Making Sharpe Use of Our Tools
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One aspect of the DailyRoto NFL Premium package that is new this year are our volume tools with enhanced capabilities and presentation. As we well know, predicting and recognizing volume is the trump card in NFL DFS, so let’s use these new tools to see if we can identify any important Week 1 takeaways from a volume perspective.

Jeremy Langford – Bellcow?

Last season Drew penned this brilliant strategy article looking at the reduction of true workhorse running backs and its DFS implications. There are three boxes you want to check when looking for a workhorse RB according to Drew:

1) involved in the passing game
2) high market share of carries
3) high market share of red zone opportunities

Let’s see if Langford checked those boxes in Week 1.

Involved in the passing game
Langford wasn’t a target monster in Week 1 by any means, but he did receive four targets, or a 14.29 percent market share of his team’s targets. That was 17th highest on the week, but when you remove the backs who weren’t also their team’s primary rushers, Langford ranked 11th.

High market share of carries
Here are the Week 1 MS of Carries leaders:


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