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NFL DFS Strategy: Stacking On DraftKings
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If you are paying for a premium Daily Fantasy football service then you are no doubt familiar with the concept of stacking, or pairing your QB with a pass catcher on the same lineup. The goal behind stacking isn’t necessarily to increase your upside, though sometimes it does, but rather to increase the probability that when you hit on one position you also hit on another positon. There are a lot of different ways you can approach a stack (Quarterback (QB)-Wide Receiver (WR), QB-Tight End (TE), QB-WR-Running Back (RB), etc), and in this article we will explore how your approach to stacking should vary based on the price point of the QB anchoring your stack.

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Using the DailyRoto premium tools I gathered QB performance for the last year comparing it to salary to give us a reference point of what QBs we may want to target. For the purposes of this analysis I compared the likelihood of each price band reaching “3x salary” floor, “4x salary” as well as “3x salary + 6 points” as our benchmarks for compiling competitive GPP squads.

This sample is filtered to focus only on QBs who started in a given week, thus part of our decision making process, which would leave 512 players, however with Josh Freeman’s Week 17 start and no DraftKings eligibility we are left with 511 players. All pricing and scoring is reflective of salaries and Fantasy performance on DraftKings.

Positional Baselines

Stack1 Stack2

First thing to anchor on quickly is a positional baseline for how frequently each position hit these thresholds. I provided the numbers above both in terms of raw production as well as if you were cherry picking matchups vs. a Bottom 10 defense vs. that position. Matchups seemed to matter most for the QB group, while RBs may have a slightly higher floor but would warrant a deeper dive based on their role.

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