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NFL DFS Week 1 GPP Recaps

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NFL DFS Week 1 GPP Recaps
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Week 1 of the 2020 season was one unlike any other, as the lack of preseason games and even open practices left many questions unanswered regarding individual workloads. The two must-have players on the slate on DraftKings were also two of the top five owned players – Josh Jacobs (35.9 DK points) and Davante Adams (44.6 DK points). The other three members of the top five owned on DraftKings woefully underperformed while failing to crack double-digit scoring (Boston Scott 24.96% 7.4 DK pts, Austin Ekeler 20.62% 9.7 DK pts, DeSean Jackson 19.6% DK pts 6.6) The million-dollar winning lineups on both DraftKings and FanDuel shared seven common players which is pretty noteworthy given the discrepancies in scoring. Game stacks from the highest scoring game on the slate between division rivals, Green Bay and Minnesota, were the key to victory in this weeks’ GPPs.


NFL $5M Fantasy Football Millionaire

Interestingly, five of the top ten lineups in the $5M Fantasy Football Millionaire contest on DraftKings were single bullet entries. It just goes to show that although having more entries increases a players’ opportunities to win, it’s still possible to notch a high finish in these massive contests by going contrarian at a couple of positions. Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Kirk Cousins, Dallas Goedert, Robbie Anderson, and Jamison Crowder all came in sub 5% ownership and helped to create some big days for single entry players.

The big $1M win though belonged to “chumleigh54” with a score of 255.86 on the back of a Rodgers/Adams/Lazard double stack.

In all, “chumleigh54” entered 32 lineups in the contest. All but one of his eight Rodgers lineups were game stacked with either Thielen or Cook in the highest-scoring game on the slate. Some of his Rodgers exposure was single stacked while most double stacked. Being almost all in on the Washington Football Team DST provided exceptional leverage highly owned Eagles players that failed to produce. Completely fading highly owned Boston Scott, DeSean Jackson, Antonio Gibson, and Terry McLaurin was a big help for his outcomes.

Player Name



Aaron Rodgers32%2.62%
Josh Jacobs 32%25.44%
Raheem Mostert8% 8.36%
Davante Adams50%18.97%
Adam Thielen46%8.26%
Calvin Ridley59%10.05%
Alan Lazard32%2.88%
Greg Olsen46%3.35%
WAS Football Team DST94%7.88%

Congratulations “chumleigh54” on the big win!

NFL $200K Game Changer (Single Entry)

Despite rostering Boston Scott, “elmagico88” still managed to win the highest stakes single entry contest on DraftKings on Sunday with a score of 200.78. Scott being 62.4% owned made it possible to overcome his lackluster production but it took a 5% owned Russell Wilson as part of a Seattle/Atlanta game stack to pull off the win. It’s also noteworthy he managed to win without Josh Jacobs in his lineup who was the third-highest owned player in the contest (34.04%) and the third-highest scoring player on the slate (34.4 DK points). His winning lineup used five of the top 16 owned players in the contest, proving again, players don’t need to be contrarian everywhere, just able to differentiate somewhere.


$3.3M NFL Sunday Million ($1M to 1st)

The more TD heavy scoring with only ½ PPR bumped a sub 1% owned, min priced, Logan Thomas into the winning lineup for “buffaloo” in the FanDuel $3.3M NFL Sunday Million. His score of 226.46 left him a full 11.88 points ahead of the second place team in the contest. Like in the DraftKings large MME, the Packers double stack featuring Rodgers, Adams, and Lazard led to a million dollar winner. Being able to compile a whopping 17 TDs in one lineup with three players under 3% ownership was quite a feat. Despite some of the high projections at the position, going cheap at TE while double stacking and “bringing one back” was the winning formula across the industry.

Pro Spotlight

PetrGibbons had a top 10 finish in the NFL $2.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire on DraftKings and is the subject of this weeks’ pro spotlight. Unlike the two other million-dollar contests on Sunday, Packers/Vikings game stacks didn’t figure into his winning combination. His lineup that finished top 10 in the “NFL $2.5M Fantasy Football Millionaire” contest featured Kamara, Ridley, Mostert, and Metcalf which were all in his top 15 exposures and was built around a double stack with Wilson/Metcalf/Olsen while “bringing one back” with Calvin Ridley.

Two of his top three exposures were noticeable busts, in Scott and Jones, but being heavily overweight on lower owned top performers like Kamara and Ridley likely helped to save the day. As in all of the other big contests of the day, consistently building for correlation in passing attacks and high scoring game environments led to a high finish.

Player NameExposureOwnership
Alvin Kamara48.7%16.3%
Boston Scott42%42.9%
Marvin Jones36.7%20.2%
Chris Godwin36.7%14%
Calvin Ridley35.3%10.6%
Antonio Gibson30.7%14%
Todd Gurley30.7%14.4%
Raheem Mostert27.3%7.6%
TJ Hockenson22.7% 11.1%
Christian McCaffrey20.7%16.8%
Zach Ertz20.7%8%
Dalvin Cook20%14.5%
DK Metcalf19.3%17.6%
Henry Ruggs18%7.3%
NY Jets DST18%11.9%

Congratulations to all the big winners in Week 1 of the NFL season!

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