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November 6 NBA DFS Picks: Hot Curry

November 6 NBA DFS Picks: Hot Curry
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November 6 NBA DFS Picks: Hot Curry

I spent a lot of time this summer trying to compare fictional characters from random television shows to baseball players. Most of the time I had to use some sort of distinguishing physical trait or an obvious character attitude to even come close to connecting the two. For some reason though, despite all the great baseball movies, I never once tried to compare actual baseball players to fictional baseball players.

Baseball season is over, so that gives me one option – compare real basketball players with fictional basketball players!

Note: These suggestions are made prior to any breaking news being released on the day. Please be sure to follow along to make sure these guys will be playing their full share of minutes tonight.

PG: Steph Curry
Fictional Counterpart: Billy Hoyle, White Men Can’t Jump

Billy is a hustler. The guy can straight up ball despite his looks. Steph Curry fought through a lot of adversity thanks to his size prior to his meteoric rise to stardom and that’s where these guys connect. Steph is just insane and although you don’t need much of a reason to put him in your lineups tonight, consider that his PER (player efficiency rating) is an insane 47.07. He’ll be playing in a fast paced game against the Denver Nuggets in which the Warriors are expected to dominate. This does create a bit of a dilemma as the spread is hovering around 17 points. It’s typically difficult to predict any sort of “blowout factor,” and although I don’t believe we should let it hinder our picks, it does have to be in the back of our minds when considering paying for Steph tonight. I think he’s safe to get his, but I wouldn’t fault you if you left him as a GPP only candidate thanks to the potential for this game to get out of hand.

SG: Kobe Bryant
Fictional Counterpart: Jesus Shuttlesworth, He Got Game

Is it weird that I’m comparing Kobe Bryant to Ray Allen, sort of? Jesus Shuttlesworth was so smooth and dominate, and at one point, so was Kobe. I know he’s been brutal and he even recently just admitted that “he sucks,” but at his current price and the lack of depth at his position, can you throw away all of the guaranteed shots? He’s been averaging close to thirty minutes and nearly sixteen shots a game this year, and we all know that he’s capable of getting hot and shooting the rock more than twenty times, with great success. The Lakers are garbage, but so are the Nets, and this should be a fight to the death to earn the first victory on the season in a game with a decent total by DFS standards (206.5). I like his price on DraftKings much more so than on FanDuel, but think he makes for a great tournament option on either site tonight.

SF: Trevor Ariza
Fictional Counterpart: Air Bud, Air Bud

I can’t keep recommending only awesome players, so as a result, I’m plugging in Trevor Ariza at a position with not much depth. Sadly, for Ariza, I don’t think he’s worth of comparison with any of the great fictional basketball players, so I went off the map with Air Bud, who was a great player in his own right. Ariza fits in here because of his accessible price tag and his opportunity. In his five games this season, he’s averaged over 36 minutes per game, creating lots of opportunity for fantasy points. He’ll never be a real offensive threat in this scheme playing alongside Dwight Howard and James Harden, but their presence does open up looks from beyond the arc for Ariza who has attempted six threes a game this season. We’ve seen in the past he does have the ability to blow up, but while I don’t expect that, I like his floor as an ideally priced SF.

PF: Kenneth Faried
Fictional Counterpart: Jackie Moon, Semi-Pro

I really compared these two because I can totally see the Manimal singing “Love Me Sexy” and they both display phenomenal effort, particularly Faried. I know he’s playing on a back to back against a stalwart Warriors defense, but he seems so underpriced for his play. He’s averaging a double-double to start the season and he always seems to have a safe floor given his pension for grabbing rebounds. Given that Faried will figure to have plenty of opportunity for rebounds thanks to the heavy dose of jump shots the Warriors will take and the fact that the Nuggets will need to rely on him offensively, I find him as an awesome value tonight. He’s priced similarly on both FanDuel and DraftKings and is worth a shot on both sites.

C: Brook Lopez
Fictional Character: Neon Boudeaux, Blue Chips

Again, I’m comparing an NBA player to a former NBA player that happened to play a fictional character. Brook Lopez is not Shaq, but he’s capable of playing like him against a soft Lakers front court tonight. We’ve seen the Lakers get dominated time and time again and Lopez is the top option in the Nets offense. Now that Lopez is healthy, he’s been putting up double digit shot attempts and grabbing nearly 10 boards a game for the Nets, while compiling a usage of 24% and a PER of 24.84 which is good for 22nd in the league and 7th amongst centers. Like Faried and Ariza, Lopez slides into this slot because of his price accessibility given the matchup. I fully expect that he’ll be the go-to center in cash games and I don’t think there is any reason to shy away from using him in GPPs either. He probably won’t go full Neon, but he’ll light it up tonight (sort of a pun)!

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