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Oh quit crying, FanDuel

Oh quit crying, FanDuel
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“Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.” Perhaps you’re familiar with this scene from the animated Pixar classic, “Finding Nemo,” in which a group of seagulls are fighting over a pair of small fish. This scene reminded me of a lot of the situation currently brewing between DraftKings and FanDuel, and more closely the actions and comments of FanDuel CEO Nigle Eccles and his executives.

Eccles and company are up in arms thanks to DraftKings and their “false advertising,” leading me to believe that the childish nature of threatening a seemingly unwarranted lawsuit and the groaning of a spoiled CEO trying to diminish a rising power in DFS (one that couldn’t possibly be anywhere near the standards of the illustrious FanDuel, at least in his eyes) has them all sprouting beaks and wings, a la a pack of selfish seagulls, claiming an invisible crown and the title, “the #1 destination for daily fantasy sports on the internet.”

Let me stop to pose a question. What does DraftKings claim on the bottom of their web page, “the #1 destination for daily fantasy sports on the internet” truly insinuate?

Does it mean that DraftKings has the most players and turns the most profit? Or is it merely, as DraftKings Vice President Femi Wasserman told Forbes, “verbiage that says ‘a leading provider’?”

I’d argue the latter. The verbiage used by DraftKings seems to be a common ploy in the world of advertising, something perhaps FanDuel should have tried to accomplish.

This whole thing seems to be a crybaby sour jab at DraftKings, a jealous reaction based upon their meteoric growth, and FanDuel‘s fear of what they may become, truly the #1 destination for fantasy sports on the internet.  Who says that’s not what DraftKings already are (careful, you might receive the next threat from ole’ Nigel).

Perhaps Nigel and team should consider the negative attention they are drawing, not to mention the money they will lose to put together a lawsuit, and quit the act.  Here’s an idea, Nigel…keep that money, buy yourself a box of tissues and then update your dated DFS platform.

If you’ll quit crying for a second, FanDuel, you’ll hear what the rest of us hear.  Do you hear it?  That’s the sound of Jason Robins and his entire team laughing their asses off and throwing high-fives in Boston.  Way to go.

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  1. Mark

    March 14, 2014 at 1:55 pm