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PDL Live Draft Review & PS4 Contest!

PDL Live Draft Review & PS4 Contest!
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Look at that lead image for this article.  Just look at it for a second – it’s right there on the left.  Doesn’t that ProDraftLeague logo on top of that PS4 almost look like a damn Christmas bow wrapped around one sick piece of hardware?  Tell me it doesn’t.  Well, that’s quite fitting, because our boys at PDL have been checking their Twitter list twice in hopes of dropping this thing right under your tree.  That’s right, PDL is playing Santa this year and they want to put this in your hands so that you can be absolutely engulfed in the PS4 experience and completely ignore the rest of your family this Holiday Season.  But before we get into the details, I wanted to touch on something else that they’re doing at PDL – one sick live snake draft.

This week’s article is going to highlight some of the amazing things they have going on over at ProDraftLeague. On top of what I told everyone before in my previous article with respect to what they have to offer on PDL, they now have two things that are eye popping to any daily fantasy sports player. ProDraftLeague may not be a household name to many of you Dawgs, but that is about to change today!

liveThis weekend I decided to try something new to PDL and the industry, a live DFS weekly snake draft! Many of you are saying “ ok Ruck, DraftStreet has had that for awhile now blah, blah.” Oh really? Well I bet they cannot do 6+ people, have revolutionary graphics for a player’s profile, and include 3 different sports! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what PDL came out with and you really need to experience it to understand the difference.  While the features of the PDL snake draft alone set them apart, the real difference is in the experience for the players. The live snake drafts have many benefits that I would like to share with you all, to help get you on your over to ProDraftLeague.


  • Revolutionary Graphics
  • Stakes: FREE- $500+
  • Sports: Hockey,NFL,NBA
  • 1:00 Minute per pick (moves in very timely fashion)
  • Competition is fair
  • LIVE chat room in your snake draft lobby
  • Projected stats/News in each player profile
  • Queue your picks before you make them

My weekly NFL snake draft started out between the following individuals: BigItaly42, jmorris7707, Huggybear, Linzer, pug713, dpalm48 and manBEAST. (I have played with some of these individuals before, so I knew this snake was not going to be filled with amateur like picks.) The live draft moved freely (1 minute per pick) so that if someone was not paying attention, then the draft would auto pick for the individual. The chat room held the funniest smack talk that I have ever heard/seen on a daily fantasy sports site. After making our picks, I was pretty confident that I – indeed – was going straight to the top. After finishing this draft in 3rd place (jmorris7707 was crowned the champion) I immediately got back on the site to see when the next week’s draft was.

Another thing that all members here at LuDawgs need to recognize is that ProDraftLeague is giving away ANOTHER Playstation. The last contest they had was won by a fellow Dawg (manBEAST) so we need to keep this in the family! All you need to do is go their Twitter (@ProDraftLeague) and register to win just in time for Christmas! Guys, this site is really not one to sweep under the rug as they are coming out with amazing promotions and contests all the time! EVERY member at LuDawgs needs to go check out ProDraftLeague and see for yourself!

I hope everyone has an amazing week and are planning on having an even better time on Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is spending time with the ones they love and remember what they are thankful for! Remember: this week is the final week of the Ruckdaddy “Cheers, Beers, Mountaineers Game” and I am considering even making it easier for you all to get that $60 just in time for the holiday weekend!

Oh, one more thing.  Check out the flyer on this PS4 promo…doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Twitter promo



  1. plannerman

    November 26, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    When are prodraft getting their live scores service, i was told you are not using beta anymore, also whats with the faint print, if you want members to read this promotion, please use darker print.

  2. jerzeydevil

    November 26, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    just read this and i can’t believe a 2nd one is going out to someone free. Nice job on the write up ruck..

  3. Fatman

    November 26, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Thanks jerzey and yes its an amazing promotion. Also plannerman I created the faint font just because I knew it would be hard for you to read.

  4. Lu

    November 26, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    Plannerman, you need to upgrade your computer. Your resolution is bad. Or get glasses.