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PointsBet NJ Promo Code

PointsBet Promo Code: GRID
Free Bonus Offer: $1000 in Risk Free Bets

PointsBet is the fastest growing Sportsbook in Australia and has launched in the NJ market within the United States in partnership with The Meadowlands, utilizing its sports betting license. PointsBet is bringing innovation to the United States betting market as the exclusive provider of PointsBetting, a higher risk / reward betting model that will be popular with risk-seeking sports bettors who want to sweat every play of the game.

PointsBet: What is PointsBetting?

Unlike traditional sports betting, with PointsBetting the more right you are, the more you win. When you select a wager with PointsBet you aren’t just rewarded for picking against the spread, you are rewarded (or penalized) based on by how much your team covers the spread. With a traditional wager, if you bet $10 on Patrick Mahomes to throw for more than 300 passing yards, you would win $10 if he exceeded that total and lose $10 if he fell below that threshold. With PointsBetting your sweat never stops and you are rewarded based on how much they vary from the posted totals.

If Patrick Mahomes were to throw for 315 yards, you’d receive 15 x $10 or $150 on your wager, and similarly, if he fell short by 10 yards you would lose 10 x $10 or $100 on your wager. Because of the nature of PointsBetting, every play matters. PointsBetting is sure to appeal to risk-seeking individuals and should be done with caution especially for more casual bettors, but they have put in some elements to help protect users. To control this risk, PointsBet will withhold a portion of your balance to cover any loss and this balance is known ahead of time. Users can also set a stop loss on PointsBetting wagers. What is a stop loss? A stop-loss allows a user to cap the highest multiplier that they can lose, and each wager has a unique stop loss. For example, you could set a stop loss on your $10 wager to 10x in which case the most you could earn (or lose) would be $100. Because it is a new format in America, it will be interesting to see how the PointsBetting format catches on, and it will be interesting to see if there is any potential edge created for PointsBetting spreads that don’t have a normal distribution of results, where a user could have a massive potential upside with only a marginal downside on a wager.

PointsBet Reward System

PointsBet also offers a reward system to their players. The current reward system provides 5 rewards points for each dollar wagered on a parlay, 1 rewards point for each dollar wagered on a traditional bet, and 1 rewards point for each dollar wagered in the PointsBetting format. The current PointsBet rewards program allows you to redeem rewards at a rate of 100 points for every dollar, so a user who has accumulated 10,000 rewards points would be able to convert this into $100 of bonus bets via the rewards program.

PointsBet App

PointsBet offers Mobile Apps for both IOS and Android devices. The mobile app offers similar markets and features to the website and allows users to wager while on the go. While users around the country can download the app, PointsBet employs geolocation features to ensure that users can only place wagers when they are in a legal state. PointsBet is currently registered for sports betting in the state of New Jersey. You can track whether PointsBet is coming to your state in our US Betting Tracker.

PointsBet Deposit Bonus

PointsBet Promo Code: GRID
Free Bonus Offer: $1000 in Risk Free Bets

PointsBet is currently offering $1000 in Risk Free Bets to new customers with the promo code GRID or upon signup at This promotion allows for a risk free traditional wager up to $500 as well as a risk free PointsBetting wager up to $500. Any losses will be refunded from your account and you can read more about the Terms and Conditions on their website.


Is there a current PointsBet promo code available?

Yes, the promo code GRID will get you access to the 2 RISK-FREE bets up to $1000 at PointsBet.

Is PointsBet Legal in the United States?

Yes, PointsBet is licensed in the state of New Jersey and registered as a legal US Sportsbook. You must be 21 years or older to play.

Is there a mobile PointsBet promo code?

No, there is no mobile exclusive PointsBet promo code but the promo GRID can be entered on mobile to unlock the offer.