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DailyRoto is a premium content provider of Daily Fantasy Sports analysis for NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA and CFB. We are solely focused on Daily Fantasy Sports and we provide in-depth, analytical content, every single day for NBA and MLB and every week for NFL and CFB.


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  • Bi-Weekly Premium Podcasts
  • Customizable Projections and Rankings for FanDuel and DraftKings
  • DFS Oriented Research Tools
  • DFS Strategy Guides
  • Lineup Alerts


  • Bi-Weekly Premium Podcasts
  • Customizable Projections and Rankings for FanDuel and DraftKings
  • DFS Oriented Research Tools
  • DFS Strategy Guides
  • Lineup Alerts

Premium Podcast
Each week our experts will break down the entire NFL DFS slate with podcasts delivered on Thursday and Saturday mornings. Our analysts won’t just tell you who the good picks are or what they “feel”. Instead we share the research and in depth statistical analysis that goes into our selections. Not only do you gain a sense of who you should play in your Daily Fantasy lineups, but you also learn the best processes for picking players in NFL DFS.

Our unique analysis takes into consideration factors such as positional scarcity and opportunity cost, capturing the specific nuances that each week presents. It’s one thing to know who has a good matchup, but we take it a step further in order to help you construct cash game and GPP rosters that increase your expected value over the long run.

Customizable Projections and Rankings for FanDuel and DraftKings
We’re really excited about this feature. You’ll receive DailyRoto’s projections and rankings each week of the season. That’s just the beginning though. Our separate projections and rankings systems will both be customizable, allowing you to make edits and instantly see how this affects projections. Think the Patriots blow by their Vegas team total this week and scored 35 points instead of 27? You can see how that changes projections/rankings. Think Brandon Marshall will be more involved in the game plan this week? Bump up his projected market share of targets and his projection/ranking will update accordingly. Once you’ve got everything set the way you want, you’ll have the ability to export our projections and rankings into Excel.

DFS Oriented Research Tools
We cut down on your research time by organizing the most relevant data in a DFS friendly way to help you quickly make better decisions. We’re proud to announce several new tools this season in this area:

  • Snap Counts – We’ll track snap counts for every single skill position player each week to help spot trends in playing time and potential sleepers. This tool will help you identify who is likely to receive volume, and how effective certain players may be if they were to receive an increase in playing time.
  • Targets/Carries – See the targets/carries for every skill player. Advanced filtering options allow you to view this data in a variety of ways. You can view each player’s season long totals or select a specific set of weeks to help identify how volume is changing as the season progresses or as a result of injuries or changing personnel.
  • Red Zone Statistics – We provide the market share of red zone opportunities for all skill players. Touchdowns are gold in NFL DFS and analyzing who is getting the ball the most in the most important part of the field will help you to identify likely TD risers and fallers.
  • Historical DFS Production – Want to do some macro analysis on how certain positions perform at certain price points? Or perhaps you’re just interested in what Cam Newton’s DFS salary was when he threw for 5 TDs against the Giants last year? Our historical DFS production tool provides you to view any player’s FanDuel and DraftKings salary and point total from any week in the past, beginning with Week 1 of the 2015 regular season.
  • Fantasy Points Allowed By Position – Quickly see which defenses allow the most Fantasy points to each position. The Saints allow the most Fantasy points to the TE position? Fire up that minimum priced tight end facing them this week and load up at wide receiver.
  • Team Play Calling Statistics – We break down the overall run/pass ratio and total plays run by each team each week both offensively and defensively, both overall and specifically in the red zone. This is an important tool to help you visualize potential team game plans and volume allocation.
  • Stay tuned for even more additions…

DFS Strategy Guides
Strategy Guides are articles throughout the season (once a week) that give expert insight on an array of macro DFS topics from player valuation methods to roster construction to bankroll management and more! We also track every single target inside and outside of the red zone each week and use that data to identify individual and team trends.

Lineup Alerts
Up until 15 minutes before rosters lock, subscribers will receive alerts that include up to minute analysis of breaking injury, playing time, weather news, and commentary on how that news will affect the week’s NFL DFS games, including the inactives for every team. Lineup alerts are both sent as an email and immediately viewable on site.