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Pro Draft League Interview

Pro Draft League Interview
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First off, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. We really want to show our users at that Pro Draft League is indeed a rising star in the daily fantasy sports space, not one to brush off.  A large part of that is connecting our membership on a personal level with the guys who manage the sites that sponsor our community.  Feel free to answer these questions however you want to, we definitely appreciate it.  Oh, and welcome to the LuDawgs family.  Here we go…

(R) – ruckdaddy:  With the ever growing community of daily fantasy sports sites, what do you think sets you apart from the others?

(M) – Mark:  PDL is a “one stop shop” for Fantasy Sports players; we offer daily, weekly, and season long contests. Add that with the fact we have the best live draft in the industry, we feel we’ll have no trouble making a name for ourselves.

(R) – All fantasy sports sites have different contests for users to play, such as pick 5, salary cap, snake draft, and GPPs. What is your site currently offering to the players at PDL?

(M) – We currently offer salary cap drafts and live snake drafts, but we have many other game expansions planned. As for GPPs, right now ALL of our contest are guaranteed so you can’t go wrong.

(R) Many players that first sign up on a different site are looking for sign up bonuses and freerolls, do you have anything of that sort to get players going?

(M) – Yup we offer a 25% Deposit Bonus, but ours is instant. Most sites make you play for weeks if not months before releasing the bonus cash, but not at PDL.  We give it to you right away!

(R) The $250 freeroll offered to LuDawgs members have the forums going crazy! What is so special about LuDawgs that made you all want to do this?

(M) – Really it was a phone call with Adam that sold me. I’m a genuine person and it was easy to see Adam is the same. PDL believes in working with the right partners, not just any partners, and LuDawgs is the right fit for us.

(R) The fantasy sports world is already a billion dollar industry, which absolutely blows me away. How hungry is Pro Draft League to go out and become one of the best in the industry?

(M) – Pro Draft League has plans to grow rapidly and establish ourselves as major players within a few years.  We got into the industry because we feel we can do it better and become a leading brand.  Check out the site, what do you think?

(R) I like it!  Although 80% of the daily fantasy industry plays small-medium stakes, do you have anything to offer to high stakes players on PDL?

(M) – Yup, right now we have a “HIGH” bracket which are contests of $100 buy-in or more, but eventually we will have signature events with entry fees in the thousands.

(R)  Many DFS players are constantly using social media for information on players, freerolls, and fantasy sports websites. Where can potential players reach you on Twitter/Facebook?

(M) – and A LuDawgs member manBEAST actually just won an XBOX ONE pre-order through our Facebook contest yesterday!  We regularly host easy contests with awesome prizes, just flip through our FB page to see past winners.


Mark used to be a professional poker player before he got into the DFS world – a regular at the high stakes games in the North East. He’s played with Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and Vanessa Russo to name a few.