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Raking in the Dough, StatClash Style

Raking in the Dough, StatClash Style
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Sit. Scroll. Click. Pick. Submit. Five simple actions, and you’re now locked in to an $11 head-to-head with your biggest rival. After your team handily defeats your opponents, you rake in the cash; fresh pay, a virtual Andrew Jackson comfortably slides into your wallet. Next you head to bed, dreaming of money signs and your new profits, hoping that tomorrow brings you even more.

The next day, your coworker brags to you about hauling in more cash than you in the previous day of DFS. Bitterly, you trek home after work, searching for a way to increase profits without having to invest anymore. You call me up seeking my infinite wisdom and advice, so I tell you, “Go play at StatClash.”

We should pause there. If you’re asking yourself, “What is StatClash?” and “Why should I be playing there?”, wonder no longer.

StatClash is one of the newest DFS sites with big expectations and the motivation to become a force in the industry. Since launching about a year ago, StatClash has already sent two to the Super Bowl and been the first site to create a DFS landscape for soccer, featuring MLS and EPL action for “futbol” lovers.

They are not stopping there. Last week, StatClash announced it’s latest BIG move, a flat 5% rake on all non-GPP, non-tournament/qualifier games. Yes, you read that correctly, 5% rake; this isn’t just a promotion, this is a permanent change.

If you’re failing to recognize the magnitude of this, let me show you a little breakdown.


If you can’t visually tell what difference this could make in the long run, consider playing one game, at each entry fee. Assuming you win every game, because let’s face it, you’re awesome, on a standard 10% rake site, you’ll have brought in $3407.40 and paid $189.30 in rake to the site, an awesome fetch. HOWEVER, if you played the same games at StatClash, and once again, won all of them, you will have added $3596.70 and only paid half the rake at $94.65. That’s a difference of $189.30 in added profits for you!

So you’ve figured it out by now, 5% Rake means: larger winnings, more value in every dollar you invest, bigger contest prizes.

If you’re sick of getting “raked” at 10-15% in other contests across the industry, worry no longer, take a trip to StatClash and watch your balance build up even faster. What are you waiting for?