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Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 1

Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 1
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Spoiler Alert: Tidbits from this article were taken out of so-called season spoiler articles so do not read on if averse to that sort of information


On Wednesday night, FanDuel will be running a freeroll for the newest episode of Survivor Season 40. The contest will be run a bit like a showdown slate with five total roster spots with one of those being an MVP spot. The MVP will be rewarded 1.5x their actual points across the board so a negative will get enhanced as well which is part of the strategy. Here is how the scoring works:

Notice that surviving the week alone results in points and the largest source of negative points comes from getting voted off. In other words, amongst the most important aspects of the scoring system is just having your cast member survive the week.

The issue with this game is there are all sorts of supposed spoilers for the show out on the internet and it is difficult to tell which (if any) are credible. People will likely be using their respective sources and the most accurate will win. Regardless, this contest is a freeroll, so it is not like there is a financial penalty to not having ample inside information. Without further ado, DailyRoto analyst Ricky Sanders attempts to identify cast members worth rostering in FanDuel’s upcoming freeroll:

This Week

Once again, FanDuel will be offering a “Reality Survival Season 40” contest this week and it remains possible this is the week where all the teams disband. For that reason, full-blown stacking is riskier this week than it has been in past weeks, because team stacks could prove to be useless if there end up being no teams. This throws an interesting wrinkle into team construction with the new level of uncertainty with the structure of the format. Also, all signs lead to a participant re-entering the game from Extinction Island soon, which results in 18 fantasy points for whomever earns the right. Since the contest is free, why not play to win, especially since there is nothing to lose? Therefore, choosing the correct player returning from Extinction Island should be a must because, despite zero fantasy point floors, one of the players on Extinction Island clearly has the potential to win the slate this week.


Tony – Tony ended up surviving last week which confirms suspicions that he likely ends up winning this season. Once the teams disband, the individual winning challenges and surviving are going to be by far the most important aspects, other than using an immunity token, and it is clear Tony should have longevity if these rumors prove to be true. The green team has been dominant in challenges lately which is the reason why Tony has only averaged 11 fantasy points per game through two episodes. However, other than Denise, and the green team, his 11 fantasy points per game are tied for the most to this point, showing how important winning challenges has proven to be up until now. Expect Tony to keep trucking along and his price has dropped (down to $20) due to his recent stretch of relative mediocrity.


Sophie – Last episode, Sophie successfully hid the fact she had a found a fire token for the entirety of the episode and, as he left, Yul left Sophie with yet another fire token. Essentially, even if things go south this week, Sophie possesses the necessary ammunition for immunity. Assuming she plays her cards right, she is a lock to move onto the next episode having these multiple tokens now, so she is an easy choice on a hectic week. Without being too sure whether the teams remain together for one more episode or get disbanded, having the comfort of knowing Sophie should advance is heartening. She may be expensive, but because Tyson is going to make our rosters, it is not going to matter much.

Tyson – According to an article from, Tyson is the contestant who returns from Extinction Island, and the article has correctly guessed eight of nine eliminations to this point. In other words, in a small sample, the article is proving to be quite reliable. After FanDuel adjusted the scoring system last week, the contestant re-entering the field is now tied for the single most valuable action possible in terms of fantasy points awarded. To this point, Tyson has not found a single fire token, and he has simply survived, so him returning the island is a huge leap of faith considering his recent lack of production. Since he is not currently part of a team, Tyson is dirt cheap, costing only $6 (compared to $28 for someone like Sophie). In other words, rostering Tyson allows fantasy owners to roster any other participant they choose, leading to a stars/scrubs sort of build. If Tyson ends up returning to the island as expected, he will produce like a star, leading to any roster that includes him being difficult to beat.

Jeremy – Assuming this is not the episode where the teams disband, it will be nice to have a bit of a team hedge, and the red team makes sense as a stack since the next expected elimination is from the green team. Since the green team likely loses any challenge, with Adam being the next expected to leave the island, that leaves the red and blue teams as stack possibilities. The blue team lost an important team member in Yul last week and is left a man short comparatively to the other squads. Since they will be at a disadvantage, that leaves the red team as the likely winner of any challenges this week by default. Denise nor Jeremy are at risk of immediate danger but Denise recently used an immunity token so she is likely the more vulnerable of the two. A red team stack is still viable if guessing that the merge does not happy for another episode or so which means both Jeremy and Denise are viable plays in general.

Most Likely to Be Eliminated: Adam (doubling down on last week’s guess since he is expected to be eliminated before the merge)

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