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Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 15

Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 15
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Spoiler Alert: Tidbits from this article were taken out of so-called season spoiler articles so do not read on if averse to that sort of information


On Wednesday night, FanDuel will be running a freeroll for the newest episode of Survivor Season 40. The contest will be run a bit like a showdown slate with five total roster spots with one of those being an MVP spot. The MVP will be rewarded 1.5x their actual points across the board so a negative will get enhanced as well which is part of the strategy. Here is how the scoring works:

Notice that surviving the week alone results in points and the largest source of negative points comes from getting voted off. In other words, amongst the most important aspects of the scoring system is just having your cast member survive the week.

The issue with this game is there are all sorts of supposed spoilers for the show out on the internet and it is difficult to tell which (if any) are credible. People will likely be using their respective sources and the most accurate will win. Regardless, this contest is a freeroll, so it is not like there is a financial penalty to not having ample inside information. Without further ado, DailyRoto analyst Ricky Sanders attempts to identify cast members worth rostering in FanDuel’s upcoming freeroll:

This Week

Once again, FanDuel will be offering a “Reality Survival Season 40” contest this week after one of the wildest tribal councils in quite some time last week. The tribe could not decide on a consensus on who they wanted to vote out and the whispers of undecided participants lasted through voting. Although the whispering seemed like a shady practice, when the smoke cleared, Adam was eventually sent packing. The field is down to nine participants as we head into Episode 10 and the dwindling game is making the fantasy game more challenging.


Nick – After receiving two votes in tribal council last week, Nick should be extra motivated to perform this week. According to a relatively accurate spoiler article (to this point) on, Nick is not expected to be booted until late in the game, so he should not be at risk of leaving this week despite the close call in Episode 9. The rivalry between Nick and Kim should lead to plenty of solo interviews with a focus on Nick having to fend for himself with clear haters in the field. As winner of one of the most recent seasons (37), Nick possesses the necessary experience to overcome adversity, and that should be the theme of Episode 10.


Sarah – In this week’s trailer, Sarah is seen multiple times being interviewed, which likely means she is a crucial member of this week’s episode. Each interview is worth 1.8 fantasy points and Sarah appears destined for many interviews as one of the main antagonists. Thus far, Sarah is averaging the second most fantasy points per episode and yet she is priced as the eighth most expensive character. Sarah is quietly posting a Luka Doncic (DAL) stretch prior to her price being increased so continue to roll her out until the pricing algorithm adjusts.  

Denise – Once again, Denise was the recipient of a fire token last week as Adam bequeathed his one token to her after being voted off the island. Those who rostered Denise last week were disappointed because she did not participate in the challenge which limited her ability to rack up fantasy points. It is unlikely she is left out of challenges in back-to-back weeks so expect her to be participating when it counts. Despite her age, she is in excellent shape, and is not at a significant disadvantage comparatively to some of the youngsters. Do not sleep on Denise.

Jeremy – Coming off a week where he was way too quiet, Jeremy is destined for a bounce-back, and more facetime, this go-around. As noted before in this article, Jeremy is an athletic freak, so he should excel in most challenges. He has won multiple immunity tokens over the course of the last week and it would not be surprising if he were finally forced to use one. Of course, if he were to use a token, he would earn immunity from being voted off the island, which should lead to a fantasy point floor at least five (by simply surviving). With a solid floor and a challenge-winning ceiling, Jeremy is an easy investment once again.

Most Likely to Be Eliminated: Tyson

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