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Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 22

Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 22
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Spoiler Alert: Tidbits from this article were taken out of so-called season spoiler articles so do not read on if averse to that sort of information


On Wednesday night, FanDuel will be running a freeroll for the newest episode of Survivor Season 40. The contest will be run a bit like a showdown slate with five total roster spots with one of those being an MVP spot. The MVP will be rewarded 1.5x their actual points across the board so a negative will get enhanced as well which is part of the strategy. Here is how the scoring works:

Notice that surviving the week alone results in points and the largest source of negative points comes from getting voted off. In other words, amongst the most important aspects of the scoring system is just having your cast member survive the week.

The issue with this game is there are all sorts of supposed spoilers for the show out on the internet and it is difficult to tell which (if any) are credible. People will likely be using their respective sources and the most accurate will win. Regardless, this contest is a freeroll, so it is not like there is a financial penalty to not having ample inside information. Without further ado, DailyRoto analyst Ricky Sanders attempts to identify cast members worth rostering in FanDuel’s upcoming freeroll:

This Week

Once again, FanDuel will be offering a “Reality Survival Season 40” contest this week a strange episode last week where the focus was more on the families of the cast than the challenges. When it came down to tribal council, the show never covered the fact that the trio of Tyson, Kim and Michelle all agreed to vote for Sophie and yet she only received two votes. Who flipped? Either way, Tyson was the one inevitably sent back to the Edge of Extinction, which had to be insanely disheartening for a player who worked so hard to get back into the game. In previews for this week’s episode, Tony seems to be the focus with the group trying to decipher if he is running some sort of scheme on them. For that reason alone, and all the face time he is destined for, he makes for an easy play this week. Here are plays who should be essential for Apr. 20’s episode.


Sarah – Last week, Sarah’s sneakiness led to her using a “Steal a Vote” on Denise, which in tune led castmate Kim to misplay her idol when it was unnecessary. Jeremy had set out to split out Sarah and Kim earlier in the episode and, by the end, Sarah ended up setting up her pal in a genius scheme. She will likely to taking some victory laps this week in the form of an interview…and that is before discussing her role in extended episode previews. In this episode, she is seen painting and starting her own clothing line and getting other castmates to show it off. In other words, this episode appears to be extremely Sarah-centric, with multiple ways for her to rack up fantasy points. Since she is not expected to get voted off the island soon, according to a spoiler article from, she is a safe pick with significant upside.


Tony – Another cast member expected to play an extensive role in this week’s episode is Tony who is coming off a 41-plus fantasy point outing last week. Not only did Tony cry thrice, he won an immunity token, had multiple confessionals and even won the individual award. Following a massive week, he and Sarah seem to be at odds about Sarah’s fashion show amongst other things (including how Sarah stated last week that talking to Tony was like “talking to a rock”). She added “this is going to end badly if we cannot work it out.” Their saga should continue this week and their quarrel should continue to be an ongoing theme. As long as they remain on the island and continue fighting, fantasy points should be plentiful for both.

Denise – Once again, Denise received multiple votes at tribal council last week, as she continues to flirt with elimination and somehow continuously survive. She figures to have a lot to say this week as she speculates as to who attempted to vote her off the island. She is included in commercials for this week’s episode which means she will not be shut out in terms of interviews. With a safe floor, Denise is a solid salary saver, costing just $22.

Michele – Roster sizes are down to four this week which means leaving money on the table should lead to unique constructions comparatively to the field. Deploying Michele alongside the others discussed in the article would lead fantasy owners to leave $2 on the table but there are unfinished Michele storylines to that need to be covered this week. Was she the one who flipped and did not end up voting for Sophie? What happened to Michele’s alliance with Nick? Since there is much to be resolved with Michele, there should be drama surrounding her this week, so paying $20 for her should prove to be a fun rollercoaster.

Most Likely to Be Eliminated: Sophie

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