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Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 29

Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for April 29
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Spoiler Alert: Tidbits from this article were taken out of so-called season spoiler articles so do not read on if averse to that sort of information


On Wednesday night, FanDuel will be running a freeroll for the newest episode of Survivor Season 40. The contest will be run a bit like a showdown slate with five total roster spots with one of those being an MVP spot. The MVP will be rewarded 1.5x their actual points across the board so a negative will get enhanced as well which is part of the strategy. Here is how the scoring works:

Notice that surviving the week alone results in points and the largest source of negative points comes from getting voted off. In other words, amongst the most important aspects of the scoring system is just having your cast member survive the week.

The issue with this game is there are all sorts of supposed spoilers for the show out on the internet and it is difficult to tell which (if any) are credible. People will likely be using their respective sources and the most accurate will win. Regardless, this contest is a freeroll, so it is not like there is a financial penalty to not having ample inside information. Without further ado, DailyRoto analyst Ricky Sanders attempts to identify cast members worth rostering in FanDuel’s upcoming freeroll:

This Week

Once again, FanDuel will be offering a “Reality Survival Season 40” contest this week following a complete domination by Tony last week. The episode started with him finding a fire token and then he ended up getting extorted for six tokens. He had to bargain with teammates to loan him tokens to pay the extortion ransom and yet he still went on to win the week’s immunity challenge, won immunity and acquired the necessary tokens to pay off his debt. Lineups with Tony at the captain position were completely unbeatable but previews for this week suggest the cast is out to get Tony now as he has emerged as a huge threat to the group. For that reason, he is likely to be one of the main focuses of the episode once again, and is an extremely difficult fade.


Sarah – While the Sarah in the MVP spot call led to a profitable week last week, Tony was the clear nuts. In previews for this week’s episode, Sarah is seen yelling at Tony, telling him “You sunk my game! Do not talk to me ever again!” She appears to be in the thick of the drama this week yet again and her friend was just eliminated because the group turned on her. She is a lock to be extremely unhappy about how events shook out last week and that should lead to plenty of interviews and potential tears (which lead to fantasy points) as well. The most common lineup construction is going to be Tony in the MVP spot after his annihilation in back-to-back weeks (38-plus fantasy points in each prior to MVP multiplier) so going in a different direction should lead to unique roster constructions. Since Sarah will head into this week feeling betrayed, she is the likeliest alternative to Tony to lead this week in fantasy production.


Tony – What more is there to say about Tony at this point other than he has been crushing? Not only has he been a top producer but most speculation articles view him as the favorite to win the entire season. Oh, by the way, he says in a preview that it is time for “another undercover operation” but everyone has already figured out his schtick. Sarah and Kim for sure are out to get Tony this week and it would be surprising if he did not have an inclination that he is under attack. Therefore, expect plenty of Tony interviews for the third consecutive week, and there is a potential for him to be forced into playing an immunity idol if he does not win this week’s challenge (for the third straight week as well). He will assuredly be under attack and playing an immunity idol is worth 10 points alone (the second most of any single action). Playing him limits the potential of the rest of the roster but he is starting to become Russell Westbrook without Kevin Durantin other words, he is borderline unfadeable.

Nick – In order to roster Tony,concessions are going to need to be made elsewhere, and Nick is priced at an affordable $18. While generally unexciting, Nick is expected to make it past the final seven, according to spoilers, and he has felt comfortable strategizing with Tony as of late. He lent Tony a fire token last week and was paid back almost immediately so he still possesses two. To this point, Nick has been coasting by, averaging a measly 6.77 fantasy points per game, and he admitted last week making “big moves” could lead to becoming a target. His under-the-radar style is not overly enticing when it comes to fantasy point production but his trust in Tony should lead to some drama in the near future (since most of the cast has turned on Tony already). If the funds were available, Jeremy would be the higher upside play, but that would require a Tony fade, which seems insane at this juncture.

Michele – Since she is one of the few remaining cast members without a fire token, she is one of the riskiest plays on the board. Whereas other players can use a token to remain in the game if need be, neither she nor Ben currently own one. Since the payout structure for these contests is that of a GPP, it is worth rostering the risk/reward castmates as opposed to playing for safety. Honestly, Michele is simply the one who makes the salary work, as no one is expected to reture from exile just yet. Fantasy owners will want to stay away from those who are exiled and focused on those who remain in the game…like Michele.

Most Likely to Be Eliminated: Kim

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