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Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for March 18

Reality Survival Season 40 FanDuel Picks for March 18
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Spoiler Alert: Tidbits from this article were taken out of so-called season spoiler articles so do not read on if averse to that sort of information

On Wednesday night, FanDuel will be running a freeroll for the newest episode of Survivor Season 40. The contest will be run a bit like a showdown slate with five total roster spots with one of those being an MVP spot. The MVP will be rewarded 1.5x their actual points across the board so a negative will get enhanced as well which is part of the strategy. Here is how the scoring works:

Notice that surviving the week alone results in points and the largest source of negative points comes from getting voted off. In other words, amongst the most important aspects of the scoring system is just having your cast member survive the week.

The issue with this game is there are all sorts of supposed spoilers for the show out on the internet and it is difficult to tell which (if any) are credible. People will likely be using their respective sources and the most accurate will win. Regardless, this contest is a freeroll, so it is not like there is a financial penalty to not having ample inside information. Without further ado, DailyRoto analyst Ricky Sanders attempts to identify cast members worth rostering in FanDuel’s upcoming freeroll:


Sarah – Known for masterminding and her attention to detail, Sarah is not likely to be a popular MVP pick with the masses flocking to the more expensive males. Sarah won season 34, so she is one of the most recent winners in the field, and she possess a steal vote advantage that she could potentially use as well. She is not expected to be eliminated until later in the season according to spoiler websites so she constitutes a solid contrarian MVP pick here.

Other Castaway Options

Jeremy – With solid value aplenty, spending for Jeremy is not an issue, and he has a family and three children to play for. Two million dollars could go a long way towards assuring his family is set for life and he also is a strong physical specimen. Jeremy reportedly has been watching Survivor since the beginning so his bag of tricks is fully-loaded and it showed in his second appearance on the show (when he won the Cambodia season unanimously). Fade him in the MVP spot to be different but do not fade him in general.

Tony – According to rumors from a article, the winner of the season is likely going to be a “male whose name begins with “T”” which has me believing Tony is the guy being speculated. Tony is a former police officer which means he has the ruthless tenacity needed to win any season (like he did in season 28). The man is not shy to switch allegiances and has a history of betrayals to get what he wants.

Michele – Since Michele won one of the most highly-contested seasons of Survivor ever, the masses may write her off. It should be noted her name is technically spelled wrong on FanDuel so you will need to roster “Michelle” to get credit for her points. Anyways, at just $13, rostering her is a way to fit the trio of aforementioned spends.

Sophie – I have been told Sophie already possesses an “idol” which, if used, will result in 10 fantasy points. An idol also prevents a contestant from being voted out as using it nullifies the vote. In other words, Sophie is theoretically protected from a -10-point deduction from being voted off the island if she plays her cards right. The theoretical fantasy point floor makes her enticing at just $14 and a strong source of salary relief.

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