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Relax, it’s FanEx

Relax, it’s FanEx
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Are you suffering from headaches due to wearing player pools thin in search for that final roster spot? Have you put on weight due to the boredom that comes with the “same old, same old?” Does this already sound too much like a cheesy law firm advertisement on your local news channel?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be subject to refreshing game types and financial compensation.

Alright, enough with the cheesy introduction. Recently, I got the chance to do a little review of FanEx and was even lucky enough to get a Q&A session with FanEx’s Fantasy Marketing Manager, Gordon Elgart. FanEx is one of the newer members to the DFS community and is a proud sponsor of LuDawgs.

After I took a peek at the site, I was instantly interested in the variety of game offerings. These guys even have Twitter contests. Yes, Twitter. If you’re not already signed up at FanEx under the LuDawgs’ link, I’m sure you will be after hearing what Gordon has to say about their product.

Without further adieu…

Logan Hitchcock, LuDawgs: What is the most popular game type that players are being attracted to?

Gordon Elgart, FanEx: In NBA, our most popular game is one where the roster is simply a starting five. Two guards, two forwards, and a center, and that’s it. We do this both salary cap style and with pick ‘em, and this lineup type has proven to be very popular with all kinds of players.

(Logan’s take) Yes people, you heard the man. Lots of times before we even start putting together a lineup, we have a number of core players we want to make sure we have on our team. Often though, building a lineup of eight or nine guys can complicate the salary and make us stretch our confidence out amongst players we weren’t so sure about. At FanEx, you have the option of creating a simple, starting five.

Logan, LuDawgs: What types of players are you attempting to cater to with your simplistic game options? …Why?

Gordon, FanEx: We’re trying to cater to all kinds of players. When you show someone a salary cap game with 9 roster positions and a giant list of players, most of whom the average fan has never heard of, they can get scared off of playing daily fantasy right away. Our smaller lineups, pick ‘em contests, and EasyScore are all designed to get new players playing right away. Some players will go on to play our larger lineup games, and some will stick with the easy games. We think daily fantasy can be for everyone, from the people who only know Carmelo Anthony to those who know Joel Anthony.

(Logan’s take) Have you had trouble getting your friends into DFS because they don’t seem to “follow” as closely, or just can’t keep track of all the different players in the league? FanEx is really trying to accommodate the casual fan in this regards, giving more of an incentive to join for the casual fan.

You might have noticed, Gordon mentioned the EasyScore games that FanEx is offering. I figured most wouldn’t exactly be aware of what this was, so I asked him.

Logan, LuDawgs: Can you explain to me a little bit about what “EasyScore” is and why you guys chose to implement this? What are the advantages?

Gordon, FanEx: EasyScore is simply scoring contests on real life statistics that people already know. There’s no conversion to fantasy points. Yards = points, strikeouts = points, points = points, etc. It’s the simplest thing to explain to someone new. Why confuse someone with a big chart of point conversions when you can get them started with a game like NBA Scoring Champion where points equal points? With our Pick 3 EasyScore contests, a player can get into their first matchup in seconds.

(Logan’s take)  Yet again, another great innovation by FanEx. When I first entered into the DFS world, I too sometimes got lost on point conversions. For a beginner, or a casual fan, simplifying scoring goes a long way. Understanding exactly how your team is going to accumulate fantasy points is a big deal.

Logan, LuDawgs: Any plans to offer different game types (aside from the pick’ems, roster creation)? Perhaps Pick 5/Rapid Fire type games?

Gordon, FanEx: One thing we constantly do is come up with new ways to play daily fantasy sports. If we ever do games of the Rapid Fire style, you can be sure that we’ll have a unique spin on it. So many DFS sites look exactly the same, and we want to make sure our versions of the popular games stand out.

Logan, LuDawgs: Do you have anything in the works that players will see in the near future?

Gordon, FanEx: Absolutely! We’ve got baseball right around the corner, and we’re doing some classically FanEx things. We have a game we’re calling Three Strikes, where you pick three pitchers and score only for strikeouts. We have another one called Triple Play, where you just pick one pitcher, one infielder and one outfielder. We also intend to announce something very, very big, and we’ll make sure that LuDawgs is one of the first to know when we’re ready to spill the beans.

Logan, LuDawgs: How about long term?

Gordon, FanEx: We’re busy adding new sports to FanEx. The most obvious next choice in DFS is college football, so we’re going to work on that this summer. We also have a core audience of racing fanatics on BetAmerica that play FanEx now, and we’re working on building some racing contests as well.

Logan, LuDawgs: Definitely the most unique game I’ve seen on any site, you guys offer “Twitter” games. Can you explain how they work, and if you’ve seen any interest in those? Why did you decide to do something like this?

Gordon, FanEx:  The Twitter Game is a natural extension of fantasy sports. Why not fantasy Twitter? Players pick a team of five celebrities, and when those celebrities tweet, they earn points for their team. We launched version one, saw some news stories about it, as well as some initial player interest, and now we’re working on improving the game to make it more dynamic, following the celebrities who might be trending on a given day.

(Logan’s take)  Although I didn’t mention anything to Gordon about it, I hope to one day be included on the FanEx Twitter contest. (Put me on your team, I’ll tweet a lot for you!)

Logan, LuDawgs: Anything else that I missed that you think the players should know about? Why should they choose to play on FanEx?

Gordon, FanEx: When players come to BetAmerica to play FanEx Sports, we give them a lot more than just a standard DFS experience. We have an aggressive $300 deposit match for new players, tons of opportunity to play on racing, and we’re always pushing unique ways to play fantasy sports.

We also try to make the whole experience more fun, with a monthly promotional calendar that includes cashback weekends and double winnings days, some fun Facebook games, and prize giveaways as well. We work very hard to be responsive to our customer needs, and we’ll take our customer service team over anyone else’s in online gaming of any kind.

When players come to FanEx Sports on BetAmerica, we want to make sure they have a safe, secure and fun experience.

(Logan’s take) I’m glad I got the opportunity to hear some of what Gordon had to say. It sounds like FanEx is definitely doing everything it can to accrue player interest and accommodate to every level of fan. If you aren’t already on FanEx, get there. And once you’re there, relax, it’s FanEx.

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