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Sports Tradex Tiered Games and Picks

Sports Tradex Tiered Games and Picks
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With a full slate of games available, Friday night is always a great time to play MLB DFS. At Sports Tradex, we recently launched our tiered draft game. In this game, you pick players from 4 separate tiers (best players in Tier A, worst in Tier D). The kicker is you have the option of trading one Tier A player for an extra Tier B and Tier C player, so you can decide if the elite pitchers are really worth paying up for.

I’m going to cover some solid; more obvious plays and shed a light on what I think are a few potential gems.

Obvious Plays:

Ian Kennedy: With the Padres facing the Mets in San Diego, don’t expect a lot of fireworks. Expect a lot of outs and boring baseball. Not a game to draft hitters from, but a great one for the pitchers! With Kennedy having an 8.1 career K/9 rate and a stellar 9.6 K/9 rate so far this year, it’s hard to pass him up. I somehow doubt he’ll be overowned as well. He’s a Tier A player at Sports Tradex and is worth paying up for.

Madison Bumgarner: Very obvious play, but very good one too. Bumgarner likes to strike players out. Marlins batters seem to enjoy striking out. Match made in heaven.

Andrew McCutchen: His OPS is nearing 1.0 this year. His career OPS against lefties is a nice .15 higher than righties. Willing to pay up for a quality hitter? He’s likely expensive but a safe choice. He’s Tier B at Sports Tradex…not sure he’s worth it though since it still may be better to use a low-end pitcher in that category.

Troy Tulowitzki: The best shortstop in the league that crushes lefties is facing a struggling lefty with a 4.72 ERA this year? Where do I sign up? Wait, there’s a catch you say? Yup, Vegas doesn’t expect the Rockies to score too much tomorrow. Verdict: Tulo is a strong play but don’t overpay for him.

Miguel Montero: Edwin Jackson doesn’t exactly strike fear in me as an opposing pitcher, and the Diamondbacks are at home in their hitter-friendly ballpark. Montero is generally well-positioned in the order, making him a strong play at catcher.

Hidden Gems:

Starling Marte: With a whopping .948 career OPS against lefties, Marte is in a great position against Jorge de la Rosa. Of course, where he sits in the batting order greatly affects his value.

Adam Dunn: While Feldman has been quite good this year for the Astros, Vegas expects the White Sox to be one of the higher scoring teams tonight. With DraftStreet no longer around, you also don’t have to worry as much about strikeouts being counted against you! He’s a boom or bust player, but I think he’s worth it, especially since he’s Tier D at Sports Tradex.

Jose Quintana: The Astros may be better this year, but they still strike out a lot. Quintana’s career numbers are a bit weird in the K/9 range. They were a dismal 5.3 in his rookie season (2012), a decent 7.4 last year, and a very good 8.1 so far this year. If he’s cheap, he makes a solid play, especially in GPP’s.

Francisco Liriano: Pirates are a strong favorite in a game with a fairly low over-under.  Even though Liriano’s given up a lot of runs this year, he still sports a  9.6 K/9 rate this year, in line with his career 9.1 K/9 rate. If he’s cheap, grab him.

About the author: TwoGun is an accomplished DFS player and is a co-founder at Sports Tradex. Check out Sports Tradex to play their unique pick’em games that match pre-set fantasy teams against each other.   Use code LUDAWGS for 30% deposit bonus with immediate release (IMMEDIATE!  Means you can play it right away).