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DailyRoto is a premium content provider of Daily Fantasy Sports analysis for NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA and CFB. We are solely focused on Daily Fantasy Sports and we provide in-depth, analytical content, every single day for NBA and MLB and every week for NFL and CFB.


  • DraftKings & FanDuel Projections & Value Ratings
  • Professional Commentary via Premium Podcast
  • Daily Qualitative Analysis
  • Live Premium Subscribers Only Chat
  • Lineup Alerts and Breaking News Guidance
  • DFS Strategy Guides
  • Cutting Edge Premium Tools

Professional Commentary via Premium Podcast Our analysts don’t just tell you who the good picks are or what they “feel”. Instead we share the research and in depth statistical analysis that goes into our selections. Not only do you gain a sense of who you should play in your Daily lineups, but you also learn the best processes for picking players in DFS. Each day you’ll have access to our MLB Premium Podcast with timestamped markers to quickly find the information you need.

Live Premium Subscriber Chat Interact with other DailyRoto premium subscribers. This is a great way to talk through roster construction and strategies on a daily basis with other serious MLB DFS players.

Lineup Construction Advice Our unique analysis takes into consideration factors such as position scarcity and opportunity cost, capturing the specific nuances that each day presents. It’s one thing to know who has a good matchup, but we take it a step further in order to help you construct cash game and GPP rosters that increase your expected value over the long run.

DFS Strategy Guides Strategy Guides are articles throughout the season that give expert insight on an array of macro DFS topics from player valuation methods to roster construction to bankroll management and more!

FanDuel and DraftKings Projections New in 2017! DailyRoto Premium Podcasts and Pro Tip will be complemented by FanDuel and DraftKings projections for hitters and pitchers. Projections will include value rankings for each position.

Lineup Alerts Up until 15 minutes before rosters lock, subscribers will receive alerts that include up to minute analysis of breaking injury, playing time, weather news and commentary on how that news will affect the day’s MLB DFS games. Lineup alerts are both sent as an email and immediately viewable on site.

Player Cards: All player names in all of our tools will be clickable and bring up a player card hosting an array of actionable information immediately at your fingertips – game logs, stats over different timeframes, advanced statistics, splits, FanDuel and DraftKings salary information and projections, and more!

Batter and Pitcher Splits: Splits are an integral part of the DFS process and our splits tools allow you to view advanced stats for both batters and pitchers by splits over various timeframes.


Batted Ball Data: This year we’re adding a batted ball data tool, allowing you to see a hard, medium, and soft hit percentages and ground ball, line drive, fly ball percentages for both hitters and pitchers.

Recent Hard Hit Tool: We’ll compare hard hit datas over different timeframes so you can quickly assess changes in quality of contact for hitters. Spot hitter breakouts before pricing and ownership catches up!

Starting Pitcher Analysis Tool: Compare a pitcher’s last 3 and 5 starts data to their season long metrics in an array of meaningful statistics – Pitch Type Usage and velocity, K% and BB%, wOBA and ISO, and batted ball data.

Expected Power Tool: Use DailyRoto’s xISO (expected Isolated Power) over different timeframes to spot underpriced hitters and potential power breakouts.

MLB Leaders Tools: Quickly view the pitching and hitter leaders in a variety of standard and advanced statistics alongside FanDuel and DraftKings salary information.