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The Fifth Quarter

The Fifth Quarter
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After a nice long season of college football, we are left with just a few more weeks of bowl games. This time of the year is surely exciting, but it just means the end is very near. I love the weekend filled with conference championships, but I also hate it. Let’s chat players who played this past weekend that could have big potential in their bowl game.

Anu Solmon needs to get healthy. The best part about the layoff between the regular season and bowl games is the ability for players to get healthy. Anu Solmon is a guy who really needs to get back to being 100%. He reaggravated a leg injury against Utah just before Thanksgiving and hasn’t been the same since. Not only has Arizona thrown it less (21 passes vs Arizona state and 12 in first half against Oregon), but also Solomon hasn’t been running much. Most of his “rushes” since that Utah game have been sacks, hence the negative 70 rushing yards in those two games. Now, with him in a boot against Oregon in the second half it makes you wonder if he’ll be fine over three weeks from now. He has a decent matchup against Boise State and could be overlooked big time due to recent performances.

Marshall’s injury situation will be huge for fantasy purposes. Devon Johnson has surely won us all money in fantasy, but his injury status for his game on the 23rd is going to be important. Cato has been a fantasy start in the two games where Devon Johnson was nonexistent due to injury, so I would assume the same would happen in their bowl game if he was still banged up. It seems pretty reasonable to think Johnson will be back for the bowl game though. Even before the injury, Cato was passing it more, so his return shouldn’t hurt him too much. He threw it 37 and 38 times before Johnson went down. Cato has thrown it 46 times twice since that injury and Marshall only ran it 24 times besides Cato’s runs.

Cody Thomas is a quarterback only because we call him that. Otherwise, there’s no real reason to think of him as a quarterback. He rarely throws it, attempting just 17 passes in an OT game last week against Oklahoma State. Against Kansas, he threw just 13 passes (and only completed three) and against Texas Tech he threw just 20 times. The potential for Thomas is very limited and I can no longer justify him as a pick. Oklahoma’s offense is clearly a run first and second type team. Perine, Ross, and Ford combined for 48 rushing attempts against the Cowboys. With weeks before their bowl game, Cody Thomas might not even be a starter by then. Trevor Knight has been dealing with transient quadriplegia lately and seemed to almost get the nod this past week. Keep an eye on this injury for sure.

Cardale Jones has one hell of an arm. If you watched the game against Wisconsin, there was no way you didn’t come away unimpressed with how Jones played. His arm is electric and his accuracy was on point. He was 12 of 17 for 257 yards and three TDs. Jones isn’t the runner that JT Barrett is though and because of it, I see limited potential for him and his likely price. His rushing stats ended at just eight carries for nine yards. Ezekiel Elliot instead got it going on the ground rushing 20 times for 220 yards and two TDs. I feel that Ohio State not only has a tough rushing matchup as it is going up against Alabama, but Jones just doesn’t have the rushing potential to make up for a high possibility of nothing amazing through the air.

Dalvin Cook is still the real deal. With Karlos Williams likely back by the bowl game though, we have to pray that Jimbo Fisher wises up and keeps Cook as the starter. He’s been great in his last six games and there’s no doubt he has more talent than Williams. Cook has rushed for 5.4ypc in five of those six games including games against tough defenses like Florida, Boston College, and Louisville. He also has 15 catches in those games. In 2014, Karlos Williams has rushed for 5.4ypc or better in three of 11 games.

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