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The Flood Gates are Open

The Flood Gates are Open
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Yesterday, SportsTradex made a shocking announcement.  They joined the Lute program here at LuDawgs that allows you to exchange your Lute for playable cash on our sponsors sites .  That’s not the shocking part.  The shocking part is that they took it infinitely further by removing all maximums.  You see, most of our sponsors put a maximum on how much Lute one LuDawgs member can cash out to play with on their sites each month.  In most cases, that’s 10-20 Lute per month, per user, per site.  And in the past, it’s been a bit of challenge for some members looking for more value out of their Lute.  For example, you make some posts, get some Lute, you bet it on a few sports lines and win, you run it up even further in the Casino, you’ve recruited some new members and you’re now making Lute with each bet they win basically you’re running good – and let’s say you run it up to 1,000 Lute.  Problem was previously that you could only cash out 10-20 Lute per month to each sponsors site to play with.  What could you do with the other 800 Lute you have in your account?

Not to worry any more – SportsTradex has you covered.  Here’s the note posted in the forum yesterday from SportsTradex Founder, Ben Lipson:

“As the founder of SportsTradex, I am proud to announce you can now turn your Lute into immediately playable credit at SportsTradexSportsTradex will match your Lute, dollar for dollar, for your deposit amount. There is no limit!  If you deposit $1,000 and have $1,000 in Lute, that means you would have $2,000 of immediately playable money at SportsTradex. If your lute balance is small, you can still get up to your existing balance immediately after you deposit at SportsTradex. Check out the newest daily fantasy games and make sure to use bonus code LUDAWGS for even more bonus money (20%) when you deposit. This is the friendliest lute policy anywhere so please take advantage and give us your feedback!

Happy Fantasy FootBALLING,

Founder, SportsTradex

Wow.  Do you guys understand that this is a 1:1 cash match with Lute on any size deposit you make?  It’s playable immediately as cash. Where else on Earth can you get a deal like this?  No where…well, no where besides here at LuDawgs with SportsTradex.