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Thursday NCAAF Daily Fantasy

Thursday NCAAF Daily Fantasy
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College football season has arrived.  As I sit here, doing some research, I thought I’d provide you with the insight that I’ve come up with for the games on Thursday.  Stay tuned right here for additional thoughts, leans, and plays for all of your NCAA Football Daily Fantasy needs this weekend!

Indiana goes up against Indiana State which should mean cashhhhh money for their offense. The depth chart is out, but no QB confirmed.. Looks like Tevin Coleman is starting RB while the WRs go like this: Hughes/Latimore/Wynn. The TE will be Bolser. Their Prices:

Coleman: 2500
Hughes: 5750
Latimore: 5500
Wynn: 4750
Bolser: 4000

I’m definitely using Coleman as he’s the starting and taking over for Houston who was there last year which means he has been great so far. I’m sure a WR will be great in this one, but who will it be? Hughes and Wynn are the top 2 guys, but they run 3 wide sets so all 3 listed could get value. I’d go with Wynn as he’s the cheapest and 2nd overall it seems like.

Wake Forest plays Presbyterian and that should be another one to find some guys considering WFU isn’t THAT bad.. Tanner Price is the QB while Campanaro is his stud WR. If you have the money then you might wanna just dish it out for him in this one. He had 5 games of 8+ catches last season with 3 in double digits and his high was 16. Their offense supposedly will be 25 ish passes per game and they want to run more. The article I’m reading says Harris will be the starter at RB, but I’d do more research before plugging him in.

Price: 6750
Harris: 5500
Campanaro: 8000

The Trojans play against Hawaii way past my bed time and they’ve already come out and said they will play both QBs, so that’s definitely a situation to avoid. Marquise Lee is max salary and well worth it. If he doesn’t end the game with 12-15 catches I’d be very surprised. He’s a must play as far as I’m concerned and I know RP says the same thing. Nelson Agholor will be another guy on our radar as he should start opposite side of Lee. Redd, Madden, and Davis are all considered co starters right now. Redd has been hurt, so definitely stay away from him as I’m guessing he sits.

Lee: 10000
Agholor: 2500
Davis: 2500
Madden: 2500

With that Agholor price I REALLY wanna send him out there as Kiffin’s depth chart has him starting.. Depends on the other options really..

UConn plays Towson and there’s one very interesting play here. Lyle McCombs averaged over 20 carries a game and about 2 catches as well. He ran for 80 yards and a TD against UMass in the opener last year, so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets better than his 3.5 yards per carry last season. Chandler Whitmer is starting at QB and McQuillian is the TE while the two WRs are Geremy Davis and Shakim Phillips. I might roll out McQuillian because he’s 2500 and goes up against the cupcake.

McCombs: 6000
Whitmer: 5250
Davis: 5250
Phillips: 4000
McQuillian: 2500

The Gamecocks and Tar Heels play in the most exciting game of the night and I’m thinking high scoring. Immediately I’m looking at Brynn Renner and even Connor Shaw. Let’s start with UNC though.. Ebron should be starting at TE again although the depth chart says OR.. Romar Morris is the starting RB while the 3 WRs are Singleton, Tapley, and Davis.

Renner: 6750
Morris: 5500
Singleton: 2500
Tapley: 3250
Davis: 2500
Ebron: 4250

The Gamecocks showed some offensive talent towards the end of last season with Shaw having some nice games. He’s defintely one to consider Thursday as UNC isn’t known for its defense. Mike Davis the Sophomore starts at RB and the WRs are Shaq Roland, Nick Jones, and Damiere Byrd. Rory Anderson is the starting TE. The 3 of them had 31 combined receptions in 2012, so who knows what to expect from them.

Shaw: 5750
Davis: 5000
Roland: 2500
Jones: 2500
Byrd: 3250
Anderson: 3750

For now that’s all I can handle, so here is what my actual lineup will look like with the possibility of me rolling out multiple ones due to so many cheap plays:

QB Bryn Renner UNC@USC $6,750 0.0 swap out
QB Connor Shaw UNC@USC $5,750 0.0 swap out
RB Tevin Coleman INST@UI $2,500 0.0 swap out
RB Mike Davis UNC@USC $5,000 0.0 swap out
WR Nelson Agholor USC@HAW $2,500 0.0 swap out
WR Marqise Lee
USC@HAW $10,000 0.0 swap out
WR M. Campanaro PRES@WF $8,000 0.0 swap out
TE Sean McQuillan TOWS@CONN $2,500 0.0 swap out
FLEX Donte Moncrief MISS@VAND $6,500 0.0 swap out

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