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Top 8 Week 11 DFS Contrarian Plays for DraftKings, FanDuel

Top 8 Week 11 DFS Contrarian Plays for DraftKings, FanDuel
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Week 11 Blind Spot Players | Week 11 Sleepers for DFS

In case you’re new to this, the Fantasy Blind Spot refers to players that 1) have been performing well but haven’t had a breakout game or big enough numbers to get Fantasy players talking, and/or 2) are in a price range of other more popular option, and/or 3) have frustrated with disappointing performances but have a great matchup to finally break through. These are the players you want to target in tournaments, such as Millionaire Makers. You want a contrarian lineup, and there are few better ways to build one than by grabbing some Fantasy Blind Spot players.

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DraftKings Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: QB

Mark Sanchez $5,000 – Min priced! After all, might as well make it a trifecta with Sanchez as a waiver pickup, seasonal Week 11 sleeper and DFS blind spot. Okay, if you don’t want to go Sanchez, I understand and would suggest Matthews Stafford at just $400 more. The Raiders secondary is awful, and Calvin Johnson alone could make Stafford have a big day.

DraftKings Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: RB

Latavius Murray $5,600 – Can anyone tackle on the Lions? That’s not as much of a joke question as you might think. The Lions have allowed eight rushing plays of 20-plus yards (tied for fifth most) and four of 40-plus (tied for first). They’ve also allowed 12 rushing touchdowns with eight running backs reaching double digits against them. Blink and you’ll miss Murray on your way down to Jeremy Langford, LeSean McCoy and others.

DraftKings Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: WR

Jordan Matthews $6,000 – Well, I have been gushing over Mark Sanchez all this week haven’t I? Matthews has the same price as Michael Crabtree with the same, or even more upside. He’s also more expensive than guaranteed-touchdown-every-week Eric Decker, so don’t expect a ton of JMatt lineups, especially after last week. The Bucs secondary has allowed 19 touchdowns already, and Matthews should dominate this matchup. After all, Ted Ginn scored twice against them. Ted Ginn.

DraftKings Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: TE

Jordan Reed $4,900 – People automatically toss aside players in this matchup because of the perception. The same goes for the Broncos, as they assume because the defense is so good that you don’t want to start anyone against them. As with the Broncos run defense and Panthers run defense, the Panthers tight end defense is only middle of the pack. In fact, every decent tight end put up solid numbers. The Jaguars, Texans and Bucs did nothing against the Panthers, which skews the FPPG number. Yet, Ben Watson, Jimmy Graham, Zach Ertz, Coby Fleener, Richard Rodgers and Delanie Walker totaled 32 receptions, 359 yards and three TDs. Those aren’t game-breaking numbers, but it’s an average of 14.3 FPPG. If anyone is going to have success against the Panthers, it’s Reed, who has been terrific when healthy.

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FanDuel Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: QB

Matt Ryan $7,800 – While Ryan has disappointed at times this year, he’s still equipped to put up a big game and has topped 20 points three times. The Colts have allowed four quarterbacks to top 20 points as well with 16 touchdown passes allowed in nine games. Julio Jones should feast on the Colts, which gives Ryan upside at a price where everyone is going to aim for Derek Carr at $100 less.

FanDuel Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: RB

Darren McFadden $6,800 – The Dolphins defense should ask for a refund on Ndamukong Suh. The run defense has been particularly awful with every team having a running back score in the double digits except the Jaguars, and that’s just the Jaguars and their weak running game. Five running backs have scored 17 points or more against the Dolphins, making Darren McFadden a steal at this price. Don’t overlook DMC because of the lackluster group he’s in with Just Forsett, Chris Johnson and Latavius Murray (who I also love, as you know).

FanDuel Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: WR

Golden Tate $6,200 – “Tatters,” as my Lions fan friend calls him, has been disappointing this year (see: Stafford, Matthew) but that’s why most won’t be rostering him. His price is just behind Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews while being higher than Danny Amendola (expect a huge ownership), DeSean Jackson, Tavon Austin and others. Tate will likely see a good amount of D.J. Hayden, who left last week’s game early to an ankle injury. Hayden just isn’t good, a less than 100 percent Hayden is even better news and if out, David Amerson isn’t any better. Tate is the definition of sneaky upside this week.

FanDuel Week 11 Lineup Sleepers: TE

Travis Kelce $5,700 – Frustration will often turn people away from using certain players. Kelce was supposed to be an unstoppable force at tight end this year, but he’s hit double digits just four times. This week will make five. The Chargers have given up four tight end touchdowns in the last three games, totaling seven on the year with an average DAFP (Defense Adjusted Fantasy Points) of 11.2 per game. With Jason Verrett likely on Jeremy Maclin most of the time this week, Alex Smith will turn to Kelce early and often.

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