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WarDraft Joins Lute Program

WarDraft Joins Lute Program
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Just spoke with our boys over at WarDraft and they were excited about the opportunity to join our Lute program here at LuDawgs. For anyone who doesn’t know what “Lute” is and how you can get some (and cash it out!) click the “Overview” link at the top of the forum and watch the video. Basically, you get Lute when you make posts, you can bet it on sports events (spreads, totals, ML’s) and when you win, you can choose to cash it out to our sponsors sites. It’s playable AS CASH immediately. WarDraft has gone pretty big with their cash out options.


1. Sign up for a WARDRAFT Account by clicking HERE

2. Deposit some cash into your brand new WARDRAFT account

3. Click on the green “CASHOUT” button on the top right hand side of the forum…see it?  Direct link to that page HERE.

4. Find the image on the cash out page that looks like this and then click the WARDRAFT logo:

5. WARDRAFT will allow you to cash out up to 20 Lute EACH MONTH

6. A cash deposit has to have been made of = or > value to your Lute cash out amount within the past 30 days to be honored

7. 5x rollover requirement on all Lute cash out amounts once fulfilled

That’s all there is to it! Sign up for WarDraft, deposit some cash, then cash out your Lute to match up to $20 each month of your deposited amount. Guys, it’s free cash – deposit and take advantage!

Big time props to WARDRAFT.