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Welcome Ricky Sanders to the DailyRoto Team

Welcome Ricky Sanders to the DailyRoto Team
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We’re excited to have Ricky Sanders joining DailyRoto full-time this season. Give Ricky a follow on twitter if you don’t already! I sat down to chat with Ricky and welcome him to the DailyRoto team.

Q: Welcome to the team, Ricky. For DailyRoto members who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Hopefully DailyRoto members are at least reasonably familiar with me because I started my DFS writing journey with the company, oh, about six years ago. Prior to that, I got my start in the fantasy industry after I was driving a truck for the family business and I was listening to SiriusXM Fantasy. On a Saturday morning, Mark Healy of Going9Baseball (no longer in existence) asked loyal listeners to send resumes and I decided I was bored working for the family business. Somehow, someway I was hired and have been all over the place in the fantasy industry since that time. Other than work experience, you should probably know I am not someone who takes myself seriously, and I am a notorious joke retweeter (normally because I am mad I did not come up with the concept myself).

Q: What are you DFS screen names? Where can head-to-heads be sent? You aren’t one of those guys who doesn’t play are you?

A: You can find me in tournaments with usernames that begin with “RSanders” and the suffix depends on site. I still have the “RX” suffix on DraftKings from back in my RotoExperts days and my username is RSanders85 on FanDuel (because I loved Chad OchoCinco). Outside of NBA, I do not post too many head-to-heads so you can catch me at the top of GPP leaderboards 🙂

Q: Kidding. You actually sent your 1099 as part of your application. Was that serious or a power move directed at Mike Leone?

A: Humans are animals after all so sometimes instincts just kick in. Since I am coming in as the low man on the totem pole, I figured I would try and put my dominance on display. (Just kidding, I just thought that would help me stand out from other candidates.)

Q: What are your highest volume DFS sports? Any others you dabble in for fun?

A: Highest volume is definitely baseball as I love using the volatility aspect of the sport in my favor. Instead of eating the chalk every night, I am able to use my research to find potential advantages, and I always play the potential advantages I find. Contrarian stacks can rise up the leaderboard in any sport but they always seem to pay off huge in baseball and I consider myself reasonably effective at finding those offenses.

Q: Are you more of a cash game player or GPP player?

A: Honestly, it depends on the sport. Due to the volatility of baseball, I almost solely stick to tournaments, but I go on feel in the other sports. Whenever I feel like a lineup comes together almost too easily in basketball, I will roll out a cash lineup and invest heavily in it. For football, I am more of a cash game player as it is tough to find a tournament on the larger sites that is less than 10,000 people and has a reasonable payout structure. Essentially, there is no easy answer to this question and it varies day-to-day regardless of sport.

Q: Are you a contrarian tournament player or chalky player?

A: I try to be contrarian as possible and find potential sneaky good spots for players who are going to be under-owned. However, this changes on a slate-by-slate basis and with the size of the slate. Sometimes, there is a player or stack you absolutely cannot fade, so there is no hard and fast rule for me.

Q: Everyone loves a bad beat. Any memorable DFS sweats or worst DFS beat?

A: Definitely earlier this year when I was sitting in first by like 25 points in a tournament with $50,000 to first and Christian Villanueva at minimum price and less than 1.0% ownership triple donged to move a team past me. I was looking for most of the night and could not find a team with a reasonable shot to catch me…..and then a team did.

Q: Why DFS and why DailyRoto?

A: Well, I started out covering yearly fantasy sports and then I simply felt the industry shifting (probably too late, I think Leone had already won like five huge checks by that time) and decided to adjust and learn. I always had a love for sports so I did not care whether I was trying to predict them for the season or for the night as long as sports was the topic at hand. I decided to head back to DailyRoto because I have gotten to know the people behind the scenes throughout the year and I trust them, trust the product and trust all the brands involved. I would not have left my previous situation unless I found the perfect situation and I consider DailyRoto the perfect situation for my next step.

Should we drop a promo code? We should drop a promo code right?

Absolutely. Save 10% off any DailyRoto content with the promo ‘rsanders’ and get on board today.