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Daily Fantasy Baseball Research?

Daily Fantasy Baseball Research?
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Hey fellas here is what I use for daily fantasy baseball research. Feel free to add or comment!
#1: Twitter is a must!!!! For example if games lock in 30 mins and we are unsure of the weather in NY then just search twitter for Yankees and boom people who are at the game will be tweeting picks from the ball park and talking about the weather so you will know how the weather is as if you were there. And thats just one example of twitter there is alot more I use twitter for then just that.
#2: for lineups I use
#3: for hitters splits vs the starting Pitcher I use
#4: for Weather I use
#5: for detailed splits like day vs night and how a pitcher pitches at a certain ballpark blah blah blah I use espn here is an example for Lincecum……5/tim-lincecum
#6: for daily picks
#7: for batter vs SP analysis and other info
#8: for more daily picks but not as good as insiderfantasy (I actually use this to decide who to fade)
#9: If podcast are your thing this here is one that focuses on DFS…x_5_9_2012-183 (todays podcast)
#10: For individual pitcher or hitter splits (day, night, home, away, ballpark, vs left, vs right, SO/9, etc.) I like to use
#11 Bankroll Management…Fantasy-Sports
#12 (the #1 daily fantasy site in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
#13 How many runs Vegas thinks each team will score (great for stacking)
#13a for help on how to read odds check out this post by Tray…otals-and-Odds

From Mob
#14 For quick team batting stats, I’ve just been using ESPN to see which teams have been scoring the most runs this year, which teams have the most strikouts, etc.…ded/order/true
teams vs left:
teams vs right:…tting/split/32
#15 who is Hot/Not table

From Greg

#16 i also use beat the streak for a quick rundown of favorable hitters

From Yanks
#17 also check out , they got good stats if you just “search” the players name

From InsiderFantasy

#18 another site for lineups

From Bones
#19 A list of who is hot in baseball

From HappyPackerFan
#20 lots of different information from covers
#21 Umpire Stats very useful for that next level research!

From ChicagoCover
#22 Here is a site to watch line movements which can help when looking at the over/under to see if the game will be high scoring or not…

From bradb4ku
#23 new tool from RotoGrinders 
#24 very cool matchup ratings

From Jenbenners
#25 Daily Notes / Rankings from ESPN

From V0dka
#26 a list of all the probable pitching match ups of the day, following day……x.jsp?c_id=mlb

From Apreesh
#27 Batter vs SP splits and other stuff Rotowire

From RJ_Rob
#27 Great tool for Splits from Roster Junkies

People to Follow on Twitter 
(will add to this list if you guys add anyone below)
Here is a list of Twitter followers that help big time
BenBoult (me haha)
@InsiderFantasy1 (My Dawg and he post great lineups everyday)
@BaseballGuys (Ray Flowers no one know fantasy baseball more then him)
@NicholasMinnix (he will answer all your questions same with Ray above)

@TheFakeBaseball (doesnt seem as good as thefakebasketball maybe this guy needs to join ludawgs)

NathanZeguraTFC (One of the best fantasy guys on Sirius/XM)
YahooNoise (Brad Evans of Yahoo Fantasy)
JoeTall (He writes a daily blog with value plays / ludawg member)
HeyKayAdams (she gives out free entries into draftday games all the times)
4for4football (during NFL season these guys were top notch)
PaulGreco (I rank him #1 for daily fantasy MLB/NFL dude is a beast)
FFtoolbox (Good info tweeted from these guys)
Rotoinfo_com(lots of good info with tons of tweets)
@FP911 (official twitter of fantasy pros 911)
@RotoDiamond911 (Good fantasy baseball info)

Hitters and Pitchers ballparks
Worst hitting / Best pitching parks-San Diego, San Fran, St Louis, Seattle, Oakland, Minnesota Twins
Best hitting / Worst pitching parks-Cincinnati, Chicago AL, New York AL, Colorado, Texas, Baltimore