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Wrestlemania 36 DFS Picks and Analysis

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Wrestlemania 36 DFS Picks and Analysis
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Despite the pandemic facing the entire world right now, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is going ahead with WrestleMania anyway this Saturday and Sunday. Superstars like Roman Reigns will not be participating due to their enhanced risk of COVID-19-related complications due to being immunocompromised. Even so, Braun Strowman will simply take his place, and there are still 17 scheduled matches during this two-day spectacle to behold. Here are the scheduled matchups for the weekend per Wikipedia:

Fantasy WWE is new to the scene and the FanDuel scoring system is not what one would expect if just stumbling onto the contest. Winning versus losing is completely irrelevant as zero points are awarded for winning the match and zero points are taken away for a loss. However, no single action awards more fantasy points than a signature move hit and, when a player hits their signature move, it is quite often right before they win a match. In that sense, winning is somewhat significant, although it is not unheard of for a player to use their signature move and not immediately win. Either their opponent can survive a submission or kickout while being pinned and, in those scenarios, multiple signature moves can be executed prior to a match ending. Those sort of barnburner matches align perfectly with the scoring system which award such actions as a kickout, pin attempt, reversal, submission attempt and a top turnbuckle move hit. With this scoring, the longer a match goes on, the better, and the scoring should lead to match stacks being the most profitable setup to win a tournament (since both players will continue to accrue points the longer the match goes).

The Plays


Edge – In the Royal Rumble, Edge made his miraculous return to the ring and lasted nearly 24-minutes before being the second-to-last man eliminated. Stamina is what we are looking for here in these contests as longer time in the ring leads to more opportunities to rack up counting statistics. Edge will square off against Randy Orton in what is being called a “Last Man Standing” match after Orton betrayed Edge amidst a period where it looked like their tag team would be getting back together. Orton ended up hitting Edge with a steel chair and then mocked the poor guy while he was in the hospital from chair-related injuries. Later on, Edge returned the favor and beat Orton in a match in which a steel chair was also used. This steel chair theme seems to be ongoing and a perfect setup for this scoring format considering a foreign object used equates to 0.8 fantasy points. Edge is also a notorious athlete off the top ropes so he features potential to rack up the fantasy points in that aspect as well. The bad blood has been brewing between these two for a while and should result in a long, brutal matchup and elite fantasy environemntt equivalent to a NBA game with a 240-plus point projected total.


Randy Orton – If rostering Edge, especially at MVP, the move is then to complement him with Orton from the same match. As noted above, stacking is an important component of winning with this scoring system, and fantasy owners may as well go all-in on the match of their MVP. Even if deciding to choose a different MVP, fantasy owners will want to roster the other wrestler from the same match regardless. Since the WWE will assuredly want to highlight Edge’s first singles match since 2011, it would not be surprising too see this match get ultra-dragged on. It is clear this is one of the top match stacks of the slate and one I will be fully exploiting.

Undertaker – The price point on this living legend is absurdly cheap as he will cost a whopping $8 less than the most expensive option. Throughout the years, the Undertaker has had some of the most unforgettable matches that have quite often included throwing people through tables and steel chairs. Recently, A.J. Styles has mocked the Undertaker‘s wife, Michelle McCool, after the Undertaker had tanked a few matches for Styles at Super ShowDown and Elimination Chamber respectively. The feud finally boiled over recently on RAW when Styles challenged Undertaker to a “Boneyard Match” which sure sounds like a throwback, Undertaker brawl. An emotional match involving Undertaker almost always leads to “foreign objects” being used and should be one of the main focuses of the whole Wrestlemania event. Act accordingly.

John Cena – The other top match stack, other than Edge/Orton, is clearly John Cena/Bray Wyatt as Cena has participated in some of the most iconic Wrestlemania matches in recent history. He has faced such opponents as Undertaker, Triple-H, Shawn Michaels and The Rock. Recently, Wyatt crashed a Cena interview talking all kinds of smack about Cena ruined him 16 years ago at Wrestlemania and it is time for payback. Watching one second of Wyatt talk leads one to believe that he is clincally insane especially considering acting as “The Fiend” is his second character change in the professional wrestling world. Anyways, superstars perceived to be mentally ill always seem to show up at Wrestlemania as Mick Foley is the classic example of such a phenomenon. Expect another classic from Cena against a madman and the WWE would be foolish for this not to prove to be one of the longest matchups of the card.

Additional Punt Option – Goldberg

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